Why work at Kabam?

Health Plans

We offer proactive services to support ongoing health, and comprehensive medical and dental plans, covering medical care for illness and injury.


Employees learn on the job through challenging projects and smart colleagues. We offer a learning assistance program to fund courses outside of work as well.


We encourage employees to save for retirement by providing financial support for RRSPs or 401K programs.

In-House Training

We run regular in-house training sessions on topics including leadership, game development, and how to master the rollover snake shot in foosball.

What sets us apart?

Well, we encourage collaboration through open-plan studios, promote downtime with plenty of places to relax, and draw in top talent with a unique culture that’s at the heart of our Kabam family. Whether it’s battling on the ping pong table, dressing up in onesies, or rocking out like Led Zeppelin on the buttons of a tiny plastic guitar, we’re always game.

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We create Champions. Join us and become one!